The IoT revolution is here.

We make it simple to launch in the IoT cloud and scale up as you grow – with an intuitive dashboard, predictive maintenance, team accounts, and more.

Who We Are

Democratizing IoT for MSME’s

Consentium Inc. makes MSME industries more efficient by providing a live feed of process data through IoT connected assets so that owners/factory workers can assess & control the production. Through indigenous developed edge boards and analytics sever we help track equipment failures and optimise them.

Our Values

The three "S", that we abide by!


All of Consentium's Edge boards use hardware encryption to send process data.


One Edge device can connect with up to ten analog process sensors.


On device machine learning baked right into each Edge device.


The summary of all offerings

State of the art Edge device

Support for connectivity with industrial sensors

On device machine learning to analyse process data

Support for both WiFi and LoRa networks

Truly scalable IoT and process analytics server

Tight integration between the Edge devices and IoT cloud

The unfair advantages

Robust Technology

Easy to deploy, Highly adaptable,Easy to Update

Data Privacy

50-50 access, for better process optimization

Tech Scalability

Predict & Communicate precisely over a range of o/p

Vast Outreach

Viable for smallest businesses as well as the larger ones

Truly Indigenous

Built in India-Built for India & Beyond


Highly affordable due to inhouse production


Enterprise IoT offerings

Consentium Boards

Highly Versatile & Integrated for wide range of I/O Sensing protocols.

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Process Optimisation

Automatically controls wastage by optimizing process parameters in improving efficiency

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Remote Access

View from anywhere/everywhere with both local and LoRa (Long Range) networking

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Predict Machine's Health

Save more by predicting machine cycles and expected chances of failure, skip abrupt downtime

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Eliminate Anomalies

Avoid process flaws with onboarded ML & regressive analysis via board itself.

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Consentium Cloud

Scalable & Safe Servers made for faster communication

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Contact Us


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